WDCC Chairman Dave Edwardson

Chairman - Dave Edwardson

Keeping us all in order and ensuring things happen when they should as well as many other things too numerous to mention that are not always noticed

WDCC Treasurer - Sean Constable

Treasurer - Sean Constable

Keeps our accounts up to date, collects subscriptions, and pays our bills

WDCC Publicity - Helen Greenwood

Club Secretary - Helen Greenwood

Raising the profile of the club, seeking new ways of engaging new members, promoting and forging links with community groups.

WDCC Competitions Secretary - Ian Sprott

Competitions - Ian Sprott

Organising the four Club Photo competitions every year as well as the judges and any entries to the LCPU competitions.

WDCC Loans Secretary - Bernard Booth

Programme Secretary - Bernard Booth

Responsible for liaising with prospective guest speakers, models, and arranging club events such as location shoots.

WDCC Webmaster - Lawry Simm

Webmaster - Lawry Simm

Responsible for design and maintenance of website, management of club social media (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram) and provide suitable hardware, software, and support for projecting images for competitions and talks.

Warrington District Camera Club Archivist and Librarian, Kelvin Norton

Archivist / Librarian - Kelvin Norton

Maintaing an archive of club records, acheivements, photographs and history. Maintaining the club's equipment and managing loans of equipment to members, and ensuring its' safe return. Managing the loan of books to members from the club library.